Tutankhamun's Board Game, Senet

SKU: 008467
Tutankhamun's Board Game, Senet

Tutankhamun's Board Game, Senet

SKU: 008467
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Senet was a very popular board game in ancient Egypt. Queens like Nefertari may have played it using a game box, while ancient Egyptians who were less wealthy may have played on a grid scratched into the floor.

Game boxes and depictions of senet are found in a number of tombs; King Tutankhamun was buried with no fewer than five game boxes. The ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife, which means an existence after death.

This game box has 30 squares for the game senet. Two players determined their moves by throwing casting sticks or bones. A game piece started at square 1 on the upper left and zig-zagged across each row and down to the next, until it crossed square 30 on the bottom right. Each player could make moves to advance a piece and pass other pieces on the board. Each player could also block other pieces from moving forward or force their opponent backwards. Players competed to cross the final square with all of their pieces.

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