Meteorite Pendant- Sericho

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Meteorite Pendant- Sericho

Meteorite Pendant- Sericho

SKU: 98710
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Sericho pallasite meteorites are found in a 45-kilometer strewn field in eastern Kenya, near the village of Habaswein. This meteorite was officially "discovered" in 2016 after two brothers searching for their camels came across pieces of it. No other rocks were in the area, so they concluded that the rocks might be from space. Villagers spent several weeks collecting the material before bringing it to the attention of meteorite hunters. It was officially classified in 2018. Even today, material is still being found.

Approximately 2,800 kilograms of Sericho pallasite have been recovered since the initial discovery. The majority of these pieces are over 50 kilograms in weight, showing minimal weathering and still retaining patches of fusion crust. It is unknown when the fall originally occurred.

Sericho pallasite has rounded, gemmy olivine crystals varying in color from green to orange. Often its metal-rich areas show well-developed Widmanstätten patterns. They also have a particularly high olivine crystal density, as high as 70-80% in many specimens. It is quite attractive, particularly when sliced thin so light can pass through the olivine pockets: this makes it popular among collectors.

1 x .75 inch

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