Large Bismuth Crystal in Box

SKU: 96553
Large Bismuth Crystal in Box

Large Bismuth Crystal in Box

SKU: 96553
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Miners during the Middle Ages apparently believed bismuth to be a stage in the development of silver from baser metals and were dismayed when they uncovered a vein of the metal thinking they had interrupted the process. In the 15th-century writings of the German monk Basil Valentine this element is referred to as Wismut, a term that may have been derived from a German phrase meaning “white mass.” In any case it was Latinized to bisemutum by the mineralogist Georgius Agricola, who recognized its distinctive qualities and described how to obtain it from its ores.
  • Bismuth crystals grow in an odd, staircase-shaped formation due to a greater growth rate on its outside edges than on the inside.
  • Bismuth has been in use since ancient times, and was previously confused with both lead and tin.
  • While no single person is credited with its discovery, it wasn't until 1753 that Claude Geoffroy discovered that it was a separate element.

Due to the natural variation of these minerals, the specimen you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured. If you would like to select a specific piece, please visit us at the HMNS Hermann Park location near Downtown Houston.

Approximately 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

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