Lane Triceratops Skull, 1/7 Scale

SKU: 97134
Lane Triceratops Skull, 1/7 Scale

Lane Triceratops Skull, 1/7 Scale

SKU: 97134
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Although Triceratops is one of the most abundant faunal components of the Lance Formation in the Western Interior, integument for Triceratops had yet to be reported. In 2002 Black Hills Institute collected one of the most complete skeletons of Triceratops found to date. The presence of skin was noted before excavation, and the specimen was removed in large blocks. Subsequent preparation has revealed at least six major integument types from different regions of the body, some in excess of 3 square feet in area, and with tubercles up to 4″ across.

This herbivore may have had a dual use for its three horns and large bony frill. Undoubtedly helpful in protecting the animal from its predators like T. rex, its horns may also have been used for uprooting trees, and its frill for extra protection as the trees fell. Its powerful jaws and very coarse teeth would then vertically slice and powerfully pulverize, whole trees.

Check out a replica of Lane the Triceratops' skin here!

11 x 7.25 x 11 inches

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