Labradorite Bookends

SKU: 95267
Labradorite Bookends

Labradorite Bookends

SKU: 95267
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Labradorite was originally discovered in Labrador, Canada, but is found in other parts of the world including Finland where it is called “spectrolite.” The iridescent effect the stone is known for occurs when light enters the stone and reflects off a “twinning surface” within, displaying the color of light from that surface. Different surfaces reflect different colors such as peacock blue, red, orange, and yellow, creating an iridescent effect on the stone called labradorescence. Some rare labradorite looks like multi-colored black opal.

Each set of bookends will differ in shape and size due to the natural variation of the stone. To select your favorite set, please visit us in store.

Each bookend will vary in size
may be approximately 4.5 long and 6.5 tall

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