Edestus Shark HMNS Sticker

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Edestus Shark HMNS Sticker

Edestus Shark HMNS Sticker

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Edestus could grow to the same size as today’s white sharks!

Having lived about 300 million to 320 million years ago, the Edestus is another prehistoric shark that looks quite… odd. Also called the scissor-toothed shark, the Edestus had curved jaws that resulted in its teeth sticking out at odd angles. While its appearance is crazy, it was a large shark that reached up to 22 feet in length.

The most interesting thing about the Edestus is the way it used to hunt. Sharks all have interesting hunting methods, though we sometimes don’t get to know too much about how prehistoric sharks hunted their prey. That can’t be said about Edestus!

While some parts of their hunting do remain a mystery, it is thought that Edestus would thrash its head up and down and create wounds on its prey, something not seen in today’s sharks.

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