Clouded AngelShark HMNS Sticker

SKU: 95545
Clouded AngelShark HMNS Sticker

Clouded AngelShark HMNS Sticker

SKU: 95545
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The Clouded Angelshark is a relatively unknown species and is often misidentified as the Taiwanese Angel shark. They are one of the largest in the family, reaching up to 1.63m in length. They inhabit the waters around Japan and Taiwan in the northwest Pacific. They take their name from their black and white marbled spots, which look like clouds.

The clouded angel shark is shaped somewhat like a bat, which is typical of all angel sharks. The body appears compressed from the top and flattened underneath, with the large pectoral and pelvic fins splayed out to the sides in a winglike shape. 

Because these sharks have not been studied comprehensively, little is known about their ecology. Presumably they give birth to living, fully formed young. Although their actual diet is not known, scientists believe that, like other angel sharks, clouded angel sharks thrust their jaws forward to grab prey with their sharp teeth and pull it back into their mouths in a quick and effective snatching movement. If not provoked, angel sharks are not a threat to humans; when cornered or hauled aboard a fishing boat, however, they may inflict severe wounds.

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