Anubis on Shrine

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Anubis on Shrine

Anubis on Shrine

SKU: 93119
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The statue of Anubis, depicted in animal form as a recumbent jackal, is attached to the roof of the shrine.

The Anubis Shrine was part of the burial equipment of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose tomb in the Valley of the Kings was discovered almost intact in 1922 by Egyptologists led by Howard Carter.

The shrine is mounted on a sledge-shaped palanquin which has two carrying poles projecting from the front and back. It is therefore presumed that the Anubis shrine was used in the funerary procession of the Pharaoh before being placed in front of the canopic chest in the Treasury. This location and the orientation of the Anubis shrine towards the west, the direction of the afterlife in Ancient Egyptian belief, show the role of the god Anubis as guardian of the necropolis.

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