Megalodon Tooth- 4.5 Inches

SKU: 005168
Megalodon Tooth- 4.5 Inches

Megalodon Tooth- 4.5 Inches

SKU: 005168
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We think you're going to need a bigger shopping cart... Averaging from 40-60ft long as a species, the Megalodon was a behemoth that ruled the ancient oceans until it vanished 3.6 million years ago. Now, only their teeth remain deep below the sea and in dangerous riverbeds. These Megalodon Teeth hail from the rivers of the Carolina's, rife with rapids and alligators under the murky water. After being recovered by ex-Navy divers, the teeth undergo cleaning and slight polishing to remove rock and barnacles from the teeth. The dark coloring often found in these teeth is due to the fossilization process, permineralization. Water seeps through the sediment the tooth is buried in, and carries the minerals from the sediment into the pore spaces in the tooth.

In order to get the shark's approximate size, each inch of the tooth's edge represents 8-10 feet, making Megs with teeth in the 4.5 inch range between 35-45 feet long.

Due to the natural variations of Megalodon teeth fossils, the tooth you receive may look different than the one in the photo. To shop for the perfect tooth for you, please visit us in store.

4.5 Inches

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