Rough Ethiopian Opal

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Rough Ethiopian Opal

Rough Ethiopian Opal

SKU: 95222
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We're huge fans of these "uncut gems"!

Opals are formed from centuries upon centuries of seasonal rains that leach microscopic silica particles from sandstone, carrying them deep into underground fissures and cavities. As the deposited materials dry, the microscopic silica spheres become compressed into a closely-packed lattice. As light travels through this microstructure, it creates a dazzling kaleidoscope of flashing rainbow colors, called play-of-color.

The Opals from Ethiopia are hydrophane, meaning they readily absorb water. A change in color or transparency often accompanies the water absorption, and can absorb enough water to appear to be 15% heavier than it actually is. Hydrophane Opals can also dry out, or dewater. After dewatering, the Opal will have the same appearance and properties as before the water was absorbed.

These Opals are still partially encased in their host rock, and the play-of-color seen with the naked eye is astounding. A wide variety of greens, blues, violets, teals, and amber shades can be seen in both specimens. They are transparent enough to where you can see the host rock on the other side of the Opal. The matrix can be further removed by a gemologist and polished into a gem for display or jewelry purposes.

Each Opal will differ in size, sizes range between 1 inch and 1.75 inches

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