High Quality Amber with Insect Inclusions

SKU: 40600002
High Quality Amber with Insect Inclusions
High Quality Amber with Insect Inclusions
High Quality Amber with Insect Inclusions

High Quality Amber with Insect Inclusions

SKU: 40600002
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Amber is a form of tree resin, exuded as a protective mechanism against disease and insect infestation, that has hardened and been preserved in the earth's crust for millions of years. Often regarded as a gem, Amber is actually an organic substance whose structure has changed very little over time, unlike that of other fossilized material, in which organic matter is replaced with minerals.

The world's largest Amber deposits come from the shores of the Baltic Sea, where Amber has been harvested, traded, and crafted into decorative objects for at least 13,000 years. The 400-square-mile Samland Peninsula alone has produced ninety percent of all the Amber in Europe. The pine trees that produced the resin to form into Amber are now long extinct.

Amber is a very unique find for paleontologists when the resin contains inclusions. These inclusions of plant matter, insects, and sometimes small animals gives scientists a snapshot of the environment during the time the resin hardened, helping them reconstruct the ecosystem of the past.

Each piece is unique- the Amber you receive may look different from the ones pictured. They are all roughly the same shade, but come in different shapes and sizes.

Approximately 1-2 inches long, varies by piece.

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