Butterflies & Insects

58 products

    Exterminator begone, these are exactly the kind of bugs you want in your home.

    58 products
    HMNS Butterfly Barrel Mug
    Butterfly Plush
    HMNS Butterfly Sequin Keychain
    Butterfly Surprise! Prank Joke
    Lonely Planet Kids Bug Atlas
    Wind Up Toys
    The Mind of a Bee
    Attracting Birds and Butterflies
    Butterfly Garden Stick
    A Day in the Life Bugs
    Scorpion Wine Stopper
    Solar Garden Decor
    Iron Butterfly Windchime
    Ceramic Butterfly Planter with Saucer
    Honey Bee: A First Field Guide to the World's Favorite Pollinating Insect
    Worms Eat My Garbage
    Rhinoceros Beetle Acrylic Box
    Bees Are Our Friends (Our Friends in the Garden)
    National Geographic Photo Ark Insects: Butterflies, Bees, and Kindred Creatures (The Photo Ark)
    Strange Nature
    Jewel Beetle Acrylic Box
    Priddy Explorers: Bugs & Slugs
    Blue Bee Pillow
    Blood-Red Glider Butterfly Petite Wall Pendant
    Peruvian Monarch Pendant
    Green Swallowtail Butterfly Wall Pendant
    Green Birdwing Butterfly with Jewel Beetles Shadow Box
    Snakehead Moth with Aragonite Shadowbox
    Arizona Dogface Butterfly Petite Wall Pendant
    Common Green Charaxes Butterfly Petite Wall Pendant
    Copper Chafer Beetle Petite Wall Pendant
    Teal Damselfly Pendant
    Dotted Glory Butterfly Petite Wall Pendant
    Red Lacewing Butterfly Petite Wall Pendant
    False Tiger Moth Wall Pendant
    Red Cracker Butterfly Wall Pendant
    Malay Butterfly Wall Pendant
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