Sulfur, Bolivia

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Sulfur, Bolivia

Sulfur, Bolivia

SKU: 94946
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Sulfur from Bolivia is one of the most coveted varieties on the market as the Sulfur from Sicily are becoming more difficult to obtain and very few come from Russia. The mines in Bolivia are located in a volcanically active region of mountains along the western Andes at the border of Bolivia and Chile. Many of the gemmy Sulfur specimens coming out of Bolivia surpass the beauty of the Italian and Russian minerals in terms of brightness and luster, and their saturation of lemon yellow is absolutely incomparable.

  • Sulfur has been used for millennia as part of medical treatments and other uses; the ancient Egyptians used sulfur in ointments to treat infected eyelids as early as 1550 BCE, and Homer’s Odyssey mentions the ancient Greeks using the mineral for fumigation around 800-500 BCE. Even in ancient China around 600-500 BCE, Sulfur- called shiliuhuang- was a major component in black gunpowder and medicine.
  • Pure Sulfur is odorless. The smell we commonly associate with the mineral is a compound created when Sulfur is exposed to moisture, hydrogen sulfide.
  • Sulfur is what causes the orange and yellow coloring on the Jupiter moon, Io.

4.25 x 1.5 x 1 inches

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