Horse & Hummingbird Seed Pot, Navajo Pottery

SKU: 007849
Horse & Hummingbird Seed Pot, Navajo Pottery

Horse & Hummingbird Seed Pot, Navajo Pottery

SKU: 007849
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Traditional Navajo Pottery is the style of pottery that Navajo have always made. Each piece is hand molded from natural clay, then baked underground. The pots are then glazed with pinion sap. Designs set on the pottery are traditional symbols and plants used in ceremonies. This is still the only style of pottery can be used in traditional ceremonies.

The symbol of the Sun carried many meanings from the auction Sun in the sky, which gave warmth and light, to the Universal Deity, the Source of all life seen at times as both masculine and feminine. The Sun symbol was used to bring good fortune and enlightenment. It was depicted in a variety of ways usually containing concentric circles. The rays in the version represent the boundless generosity of the Sun Spirit and the beneficial effects they could produce.

The Horse came from the Sun and Earth. A companion on the hunt burden bearer, friend of The People. The horse is believed to possess the power of healing.

Dahiiti´hí (hummingbirds) are a symbol of beauty and wisdom for the Diné (Navajo). When things of beauty come to the Diné, it is said that it is thanks to the hummingbird. Stories tell how the hummingbird taught the Diné how to gather pollen.

6 x 6 inches, 5 inches tall

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