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    'Tis the Season's Rarest Luxury Collection
    63 products
    Azurite & Malachite Botryoidal Specimen
    Emerald Green English Fluorite- Rogerley Mine, England
    McEarl Quartz Cluster- XXXLarge
    Chalcopyrite with Quartz
    Orthoceras Statue- 6ft Tall
    Amethyst Cluster on Wooden Stand
    Amethyst Geode Pair
    Apophyllite & Stilbite Geode
    Dioptase on Chrysocolla
    Celestite, Holloway Quarry
    Calcite, Midelt Province, Morocco
    Amethyst on Epidote, Las Vigas
    Smoky Quartz- Smokey Bear Claim
    Fluorite- Polish Prodigy Pocket
    Mene rhombea Fish Fossil and Stand
    Ancient Sea Bed Fossil and Stand
    Giant Ammonite Fossil with Stand
    Azores Striped Opal Earrings
    Amethyst & Citrine Chess Board Set, by Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio
    Amethyst Geode Slice
    Malachite with Dolomite
    Petrified Wood Slab Wall Display
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