Horsehair Navajo Pottery

SKU: 007838
Horsehair Navajo Pottery
Horsehair Navajo Pottery

Horsehair Navajo Pottery

SKU: 007838
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Traditional Navajo Pottery is the style of pottery that Navajo have always made. Each piece is hand molded from natural clay, then baked underground. The pots are then glazed with pinion sap. Designs set on the pottery are traditional symbols and plants used in ceremonies. This is still the only style of pottery can be used in traditional ceremonies.

Horse hair from the mane is thrown onto the pottery while it is still very hot during the firing process. The hair burns when it touches the hot pottery, leaving a carbon stain cooked into the pottery. This makes each piece one-of-a-kind with its own unique, beautiful pattern.

The Horse came from the Sun and Earth. A companion on the hunt burden bearer, friend of The People. The horse is believed to possess the power of healing.

The Stair Case of Life represents Mountains and symbolizes the different stages and steps we take in life. We learn to overcome obstacles which life has to offer.

Cedar Trees represent the Medicine Tree used for many ceremonial used. It helps make our life journey with patience, courage, and wisdom.

Prayer Feathers hold and carries all your dreams and prayers. The eagle feather is considered a protector to your household and a connection to the spirit world. The eagle itself is a very sacred bird to the Navajo tribe as well as other Native American Tribes.

The Whirlwind pattern shows a journey, sweeping out the old and opening the way for the new. It also gives inner peace, healing, and energy.

Rocks represent solidarity, to build a secure foundation for those around us.

River of Life represents the changes of course we must go through in life.

Yucca is used for herbal cleansing. The plant is used to make wedding baskets and other ceremonial pieces. Corn represents the everlasting mother. She is the guardian and the pollen is offered in prayer for blessings.

8.5 x 17 inches

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