Elements - Summer 2023

Introducing the stories behind the stewards of treasures from the natural world wonders.

Meet the visionary entrepreneur, scientist, and adventurer Dr. Stefano Piccino who introduces GeoWorld, which aims to establish a connection between humanity and the wonders of nature.
Heather Benjamin displays her culturally inspired jewelry designs.
Embark on a flavorful journey through adventurous chocolate with Cacao & Cardamom.
Meet the multi-talented artist, illustrator and designer who portrays life's delight and culturally rich watercolor illustrations with simple yet beautiful artwork at Black Tea Café Design.
Step into the world of a visionary jeweler who transforms personal stories into wearable masterpieces.

HMNS Elements Catalog Cover Image For Summer '23 Edition

Join hands with Celina Villarreal, the founder and creator of Margarita Mercantile, who is trying to keep the Mexican heritage alive through timeless handcrafted pieces, seen through every stitch.
Discover Sallyjane’s Gems and see for yourself how she combines the richness of history with artistic flair.
Hop on a unique journey with Malaika Linens who's helping underprivileged women make a positive impact  from Ecuador to Egypt through signature bedding, unique hand-drawn embroidery, linens and more. 

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