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A Highly Specific Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

For Your Mom Who Never Asks For Anything But Deserves to Feel Special:

Make your sweet mom feel special with this beautiful best-selling necklace from San Antonio designer Claudia Lobaõ. The 36” length means she can just pop it on before dashing out to work/committees/school and all the other many places she commits her time and energy. The white howlite works well with any outfit, making this necklace just as effortlessly accomplished as mom.

Claudia Lobao Howlite Necklace

Claudia Lobaõ White Howlite Hematite Necklace $130   

For Your Dad Who Always Secretly Wanted a Rock Collection:

The Dugway geode bookends are one-of-a-kind, just like dad. These specimens contain a hollow that is usually entirely filled in with quartz, agate, or quartz containing (silicified) rhyolite. Kind of like how dad’s heart is full of love for you.

Dugway Agate Geode Bookends

Dugway Geode Agate Bookends $195 

For Your Bestie Who Always Look Instagram Famous:

If she’s in-the-know then she certainly knows Fallon, a designer beloved by Rhianna and BOTH Hadids. The embossed heart style is inspired by one of the oldest metalworking techniques, standing the test of time beautifully – just like you and BFF.

Fallon Vintage Heart Choker

Fallon Embossed Vintage Heart Choker $100  


For the Guy You Met at the Start of the Year and Now You’re Unsure What to Give Him:

This little water-resistant bike speaker will play the soundtrack for your movie-scene date – the two of you happily zipping along our Hermann Park paths, sun shining, flowers blooming. It’s a gift that says hey, I care enough about you to not want you to wear earphones in traffic while also being oh so easy and breezy.

USB Bike Speaker

USB Rechargeable Bike Speaker $19.95 

For Your Girlfriend with an Anthropology Degree and a Love of Farmer’s Markets:

Our fair trade tote is handmade in Guatemala with traditionally hand loomed cotton and sturdy leather straps. Perfect for filling up with organic fruit and wildflower honey at Urban Harvest, knowing you’re supporting small scale producers both locally and globally.

Guatemalan Tote Bag

 Guatemalan Tote Bag $95

For Your Bro Whose Dedication to His Beard is Only Outmatched by his Love of Craft Beer:

Maybe he brews his own beer, maybe he makes his own beard wax. Whatever he does he’s in great company with the “brightest minds with the best beards.” From Da Vinci to Darwin, this pint glass features legendary scientists with epic beards. You, your bro, and a growler are all you need to sit back and solve the universe’s big questions.

Great Beards of Science Pint Glass $18.95


For Your Little Sister Whose Birthday is in February and Who Also is Really, Really into Crystals:

Amethyst is February’s birthstone and also one of history’s most talked about gemstones. Folklore from around the globe and across the centuries has said amethyst can do everything from protect you from drunkenness, give you a clear head in battle, and heal wounds both physical and spiritual. Just like the ancient Egyptians’ amethyst amulets, this gorgeous heart lets sis know you’re always there to look out for her.

Amethyst Heart

Brazilian Amethyst Heart $125 

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