Macaw Pair on Amethyst Heart Gemstone Carving

SKU: 94708
Macaw Pair on Amethyst Heart Gemstone Carving

Macaw Pair on Amethyst Heart Gemstone Carving

SKU: 94708
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Due to the natural variation in minerals, the carving you receive may have slightly different Calcite veins and Amethyst crystal arrangement. To select your preferred version, please reach out to us via chatbox or visit us in store!

A parrot from the New World, Macaws are known for their colorful appearance, long tail feathers, and ability to mimic human speech. These large birds have long lifespans, able to live between 60-100 years old, and also mate for life as humans do.  

Amethyst has been a prized gem for centuries. Amethysts are the most valuable variety of quartz, and were one of the first gemstones used by people around the world. The Greeks believed that drinking wine from an amethyst cup would prevent intoxication. Royalty has also favored the purple gemstone, and at one time amethysts were reserved for royalty alone.

South Brazil is rich in minerals found in its mountainous basalt rock formations. Eons ago, as 2400 degree Fahrenheit magma cooled, pockets of gas became trapped in the magma. The pockets of gas later became hollow cavities in the solid, newly formed basalt rock. These hollow cavities became filled with super-hot mineral-laden ground water which resulted in layers of agate and quartz crystals forming inside. Miners in Brazil use hand tools to extract agate geodes from eroded mountain sides. For generations Brazilian miners have learned to cut the geodes in half, polish the cut surface, sides and some of the backs. The miners sell the worked geodes to collectors who enjoy their beauty and wonder.

9.25 x 3.25 x 11 inches

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