Kingfisher on Quartz, Carved From Sodalite and Orange Calcite

SKU: 007614
Kingfisher on Quartz, Carved From Sodalite and Orange Calcite

Kingfisher on Quartz, Carved From Sodalite and Orange Calcite

SKU: 007614
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Beautiful Kingfisher carved from deep blur sodalite and orange calcite. The colors are natural. Fine carving and composition. . The base is a beautiful crystal quartz. This piece on this carving has been meticulously hand-selected, carved, and polished. A one-of-a-kind crystal quartz artwork from HMNS. Authenticity Guaranteed!

About Gems

An intense blue gemstone, Sodalite is durable and easy to cut, making it highly desired by hobbyists. With white streaks across a brilliant blue background, Sodalite is one of the components of Lapis Lazuli, but also forms separately from the Lapis stone. The lack of Pyrite inclusions is one of the ways to distinguish Sodalite from Lapis Lazuli.

While Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on the Earth's surface, it makes it no less valuable, or beautiful! It is composed of the elements silicon and oxygen, and in its pure state it is colorless, though just small amounts of various impurity atoms can yield a variety of colors. It is common to find inclusions in crystals quartz. Quartz is usually one of the last minerals to form in a deposit, so it sometimes grows around existing crystals. Because crystal quartz is commonly clear, the inclusions are easy to see, as seen in Smokey and rutilated quartz.

5 x 5 x 7 inches

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