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  • Replica Scale: 1:20
  • Measuring: 8.4" L x 5.6" H.
  • Hand painted
  • Designed in France
  • Highly detailed and durable

With its trunk and its huge tusks, the mammoth bears a strong resemblance to its cousin the elephant. This prehistoric animal has been extinct for more than 10,000 years and is one of the best-known extinct species, particularly thanks to the well preserved fossils found in the ice. Originating from Africa, mammoths subsequently spread more widely throughout Eurasia, North America and the Siberian plains. This mammal had a thick fur coat to keep it warm and sometimes even a genuine woollen overcoat in the case of the woolly mammoth. Its curved tusks could reach up to 3 m in length and were used among other things to sweep the ground to find food. We can assume that global warming brought about their extinction.

Mammoths are famously featured on cave paintings. Hunted by prehistoric man, mammoths can be seen in hunting scenes and decorate the walls of a number of impressive caves.

The Papo dinosaur toy line features beatifully crafted dinosuars in a wide variety of colors, all hand painted and bursting with imagination. We carry a wide selection for hours of play. True to life modeling.


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