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Solar Rover Kit

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  • Solar rover assembly kit
  • No batteries required
  • Ages 8 and up
  • More activities listed below.

Explore the exciting worlds of solar power and green science with the 4M Green Science Solar Rover Kit. Assemble the solar rover using a recycled soda can and place it outside on a sunny day, where the rover's solar cell can turn the sun's light into electrical power for its motor. This kit includes all the parts necessary to build one solar rover. Detailed assembly instructions included. No batteries required. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Some things to try with your assembled Solar Rover:

  • Why doesn’t your solar rover work indoors? If you walk outside on a sunny day you might squint at first -- that’s a clue!
  • How could you shine more light on the solar panel while you are still indoors? Is there a brighter light or a desk lamp that you could move closer to it? Does that help it work indoors? The intensity of the light source (how bright it is) makes a big difference.
  • When you take your solar rover outside on a sunny day, try putting it in different places -- under a tree or roof, in a sunny spot -- is there any difference in how it runs? You may have to pick it up if the ground is really rough and just see or hear how fast the motor and wheels are running.
  • What happens if you hold it off the ground in a sunny spot and put the solar panel at different angles (it could be parallel to the ground or tilted in different directions)? What do you think will happen if you cover over a quarter or half of the solar panel with a sticky note? Test it out and see!


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