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Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit

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  • Includes seven experiments
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Read more below for additional experiments!

Explore the exciting world of magnetism with the 4M KidzLabs Anti-Gravity Maglev Kit. This educational science kit contains all the materials necessary to perform seven fun science projects, from levitating a screw to building a maglev and much more. Detailed assembly instructions included. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

People often say opposites attract and in the case of magnets, it’s definitely true. Some extra things to try with your magnets:

  • Can you ‘chase’ one magnet across the table using another one, getting it to repel away from you?
  • Can you ‘pull’ one magnet toward you across a table using another magnet, without them sticking together?
  • Can your magnets attract each other through another object, like a sheet of paper, or even the table?  If it works for some things but not others, what makes the difference?
  • Magnets don’t seem to stick to things that aren’t metal, but can you find some kinds of metal that are NOT magnetic (don’t stick to a magnet)? Try the kitchen, or someone’s pocket change.
  • Can two (or three, or four) magnets pick up more magnetic objects (like paperclips) than one can?
  • The opposites magnets have are called poles, and there is a north pole and a south pole. What else has a north pole and a south pole?  The Earth! It’s a very large but pretty weak magnet.
  •  We know opposite poles attract, so if the north end of the magnet in a compass is attracted toward the “north magnetic pole” of the Earth, what does that tell you about what the “north pole” really is? Tricky, right?
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