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Science Kits

  1. Design & Drill SparkleBot Sale
    • Includes colored bolts and kid friendly screwdriver
    • Customize with decorative stickers
    • Ages 3 and up
  2. Intruder Alarm Kit Sale
    • Robot alarm assembly
    • Requires one AA battery (not included)
    • Ages 8 and up
  3. Kitchen Science Kit Sale
    • Materials for six experiments
    • Ages 8 and up
  4. Lemon Clock Kit Sale
    • Lemon Clock experiment
    • Ages 5 and up
  5. Motorised Zipline Messenger Sale

    Send and receive messages in a brand new way with this two-way zipline. Build it to brighten up any room in the house! You can send personalized messages with the cards provided or make a trendy transporter from scratch. Includes all parts needed to construct zipline and detailed instructions. Recommended for age 8 years and up.

  6. Pocket Star Finder Sale
    • Learn the major constellations over North America, Europe, and Asia
    • Designed for 40 degrees North & all mid-northern latitudes
    • 40 Major constellations and 60 brightest stars
    • Includes Night Vision filter for your flashlight
    • For ages 8 and up
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