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Night Sky Projection Kit

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  • Paper projection kit for Nothern and Southern hemispheres
  • Requires 4 AA batteries, not included
  • For ages 3 and up

Create your own projector with this amazing astronomy kit that includes a 4.5-inch diameter lamp, star charts, and more. Four cardboard panels fold and mold around the small light device. Switch it on and projections of both northern and southern hemispheres shine brightly on the walls for hours of observation and study.

Things to try:

  • Once you assemble this and project star fields on the walls, challenge yourself to find constellations in them  like the big dipper or Orion.
  • Try to find some of the same constellations and landmarks (skymarks?) outside. If you are close to a city, you won’t see quite as many stars in the night sky as if you are in an area with less ambient light, but the brightest stars still come through well on a clear night. It can help to use a phone app like PocketUniverse until you get practice picking them out on your own. It can even help you ‘see’ things that are below the horizon and not in view right now.
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