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Kits + Toys

  1. Science Magic Kit Sale
    • Science based magic tricks
    • 12 tricks included
    • For ages 8 and up
  2. Kitchen Science Kit Sale
    • Materials for six experiments
    • Ages 8 and up
  3. Water Rocket Kit Sale
    • Materials to make one bottle rocket
    • Bottle and bicycle pump not included
    • Ages 10 and up
  4. Marie Curie Finger Puppet Magnet Sale
    • Conduct some tiny experiments with this tiny Curie! But remember to wear protective gear-- that radium is pretty dangerous. On your finger, she's a puppet; on your fridge, she's a magnet!

      Approx. 4" tall.
  5. Marie Curie Plush Doll Sale
    • Marie Curie plush doll
    • 12" high
  6. Isaac Newton Finger Puppet Sale

    Practice the three laws of motion with this Newton finger puppet. Watch how he seems to defy the law of universal gravitation as he sticks to your refrigerator! On your finger, he's a puppet; on your fridge, he's a magnet!

    Approx. 4" tall.

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