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Iris Clip On Earrings

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  • Shourouk
  • Swarovski crystal
  • Glass
  • Gold plated brass
  • Approximately 4" long by 2" wide
  • Clip on
  • Made in Italy

This tongue-in-cheek seed bead collection is based on an ancient history. Tiny glass beads were produced as far back as 2400BCE in Asia and Romans produced and traded glass beads for centuries. 16th century Venetians perfected the art of glass making and produced thousands of beads that traveled the world during the European Age of Exploration. Later, Bohemia became the home of brilliantly colored Czech seed beads that were highly prized by Native Americans as trade goods. Examples of their elaborate beadwork is on display in the McGovern Hall of the Americas.

Shourouk Rhaeim is Tunisian-French designer nicknamed the "Queen of Bling." Her collections are inspired by traditional embroidery and the high-glam and decadence of jewels from the Gilded Age, Old Hollywood, and 80s pop culture.

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