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Galileo Thermometer

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  • Colorful Globes rise and fall revealing temperature
  • Metal tags tell both Celsius & Fahrenheit, range is 16-34c
  • Glass globe rests securely on Beech wood base
  • Measures 4.25 by dia 3.25-Inches

Wonder at the beauty of science, colorful globes rise and fall according to the temperature. Metal tags tell both Celsius & Fahrenheit. Glass globe rests securely on handsome wood base.


How To Read a Galileo Thermometer

The sphere will sink when the temperature warms and sink when it gets colder.

When there are spheres at the top and bottom of the thermometer, read the tag in the middle. If there isn't a floating tag in the middle, take the average between the tag at the very top and at the very bottom of the thermometer.

If it is cold and all of the tags float, take note of the tag at the very top- the temperature will be colder than that temperature.

If it is warm and all the tags have sunk, the temperature is hotter than the temp on the lowest sphere.

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