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  1. Brain Erasers Sale

    Seven hefty brains ready to say goodbye to your errors. 100% rubber pencil eraser. Say so long to pencil written errors with colorful “brain” erasers in a jar. Erasers come with a handy storage jar.

    4" x 4" x 2 1/2"

  2. Rainbow Maker Sale

    Solar powered Rainbow Maker spins a Swarovski crystal that refracts sunlight into scientifically beautiful rainbows.

  3. Solar Einstein Sale

    When the sun is shining, Einstein will gently remind you to think before you act by gesturing to his immense brain.

  4. Cheese Degrees Cutting Board Sale
    • Bamboo Board
    • 6 7/8" by 8.5"
  5. Proof is in the Pudding Bowls Sale
    • A set of four ceramic pudding bowls with the proofs to classic theorems of Euclid, Hippasus, Pythagoras, and Gauss
    • Each bowl is 8 oz.
    • 4" diameter, 2" tall


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