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*ORIG. $9,450* Anubis Quartz Double Ring- Loren Nicole Jewelry

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  • ORIGINALLY $9,450
  • Loren Nicole Jewelry
  • Quartz crystal
  • White diamonds
  • 22k yellow gold
  • Size 7-8.5
    • Fits either Index & Middle or Middle and Ring Fingers
  • Handmade in California

Loren Nicole Teetelli began her career as an archaeologist, later working as a conservator at the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Loren’s academic interest in ancient art and culture led her to study the history of metalsmithing and adornment. Each collection explores an ancient civilization’s jewelry using those same ancient technologies on a modern design.

Loren creates her own 22k gold alloy and forms it into sheet and wire. Each piece of jewelry is handmade using ancient techniques such as granulation, raised hollow form, and chain weaving. She then finished each piece with her antique Roman hammer, giving it a patina and natural finish.

Anubis was not a god of the dead in the sense that he was the ruler of the underworld, he was the god who supervised the embalming and burial of the deceased and who guided the dead in their journey into the afterlife. Once in the underworld, Anubis, assisted by the god Thot, supervises the the weight of "truth" by weighing the Heart of the dead against Goddess Ma'at, who was often depicted with an ostrich feather. This then dictated the fate of souls in the afterlife.

Anubis was usually portrayed as a half human, half jackal, or in full jackal form wearing a ribbon and holding a flail in the crook of its arm.

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