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*ORIG. $100* Vintage Heart Choker

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  • Fallon Jewelry
  • Plated brass
  • Black leather
  • Pendant is 0.75" wide
  • Ties measure 42"

FALLON by Dana Lorenz takes very traditional and historic jewelry themes - sparkling diadems, precious brooches, and elaborately formal parures - and sets them on edge; adding leather, bandanas, and chiffon ribbon to make what were once very formal jewels newly modern.

The heart symbol is nearly universal for love. Some scholars say the symbol has its roots in the writings of Galen and the philosopher Aristotle, who described the human heart as having three chambers with a small dent in the middle. According to this theory, the heart shape may have been born when artists and scientists from the Middle Ages attempted to draw representations of ancient medical texts. The heart symbol became popular in art and jewelry during the European Renaissance and has endured ever since.

Embossing metal is one of the oldest decorative metalworking techniques, found in Ancient Egyptian funerary pieces, Grecian armor, and the ritual regalia of the Native American Mississippian and Hopewell cultures. Later, elaborate repoussé and chasing became the hallmark of 19th century American silversmiths.

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