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Versailles Red Gold Earrings

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  • Fallon Jewelry
  • CZ crystals
  • Plated brass
  • 3" L x 2.75" W

FALLON by Dana Lorenz takes very traditional and historic jewelry themes - sparkling diadems, precious brooches, and elaborately formal parures - and sets them on edge; adding leather, bandanas, and chiffon ribbon to make what were once very formal jewels newly modern.

Diamonds as adornment date back as far as 3rd century BC in India. Later exported to Europe, diamonds became a symbol of wealth and gave rise to "paste", or cut glass, gems - the first costume jewelry. Elaborate paste gemstone jewelry became its own art form and now crystal and cubic zirconia jewelry are cornerstones of iconic fashion houses. You can see the real jaw dropping diamond jewels, and the inspiration for modern costume jewelry, in our Smith Gem Vault.

Girandole earrings were the de rigueur earring style of the 18th century, produced in diamonds, colored gems, and paste. When the style went out of fashion, many of the girandoles were deconstructed into pendants and smaller earrings; intact diamond pairs are now very rare.

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