Rock Candy- Assorted Flavors

SKU: 003783
Rock Candy- Assorted Flavors

Rock Candy- Assorted Flavors

SKU: 003783
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How to Make Your Own Rock Candy


  • Pot
  • Wooden spoon or spatula
  • Lollipop sticks or bamboo skewers
  • Wide glasses or mason jars
  • Clothespins


  • Water- 1 cup
  • White granulated sugar- 3 cups
  • Food coloring
  • Flavoring- 1-2 tsp

1. You first need something for the rock candy crystals to grow from- popsicle sticks and string are good alternatives to skewers.

2. Dip your skewer/stick/string into the water and roll it on a plate with white granulated sugar so sugar crystals stick to it. These are "seed crystals" and the other crystals will attach themselves to these and grow from there.

3. Let the stick/string dry for 25-30 minutes

4. Add your water to a medium saucepot and place it on the stovetop on medium heat.

5. Once the water begins to simmer, add a cup of sugar to the pot. Stir until it disolves, and repeat with the next two cups, adding one cup of sugar at a time.

6. Bring the sugar solution to a boil. If you are using one color and flavor, you can add it right when the solution boils.

7. Remove the pot from the heat and allow the solution to cool for 20 minutes

8. After 20 minutes have passed, run your tap water until it gets hots and let the water run over the glass or mason jar to warm it up. Make sure to use a wide glass if you want larger rock candy.

9. Pour the hot sugar solution to the container(s). If you are making multiple flavors/colors, add them now.

10. Attach a clothespin to a previously prepared sugar stick and set it in the solution, trying to keep the stick in the middle of the glass and 1.5 inches from the bottom.

11. Let the crystals form from 3-5 days. Use a fork to break away any thin layer of sugar that has formed on the surface of the solution. Pull out the rock candy and place it in another container to dry for 4 hours

12. Enjoy!

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