Antique Gold Scarab Box

SKU: 004818
Antique Gold Scarab Box
Antique Gold Scarab Box
Antique Gold Scarab Box
Antique Gold Scarab Box
Antique Gold Scarab Box
Antique Gold Scarab Box

Antique Gold Scarab Box

SKU: 004818
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Styled after the sacred Scarab on pedestral in Karnak Temple at Luxor. The scarab is the most popular good luck charm from ancient Egypt. Symbol of rebirth, transformation, and self-creation, this scarab is actually a dung beetle that the ancients believed pushed the sun across the sky each day, only to disappear and magically re-appear the next morning. As such, it is a powerful amulet for self-creation, transformation, and re-birth. They were worn or carried by the living, and also buried with the dead to help them on their way to the afterlife. The base was usually inscribed with designs or hieroglyphs to form an impression seal. 

 The size of the box is 5 inches tall and 2 inches by 2.5 inches and 2.75 inches deep.

About this Item

  • This Scarab box is cast in polymer and has a black finish with yellow accents to highlight the hieroglyphics.
  • The yellow coloring is made from pigmented dust that is similar to how Egyptian statues were colored in ancient times.
  • Packaged in decorative box with hieroglyphic designs and an information card.
  • This statue is made by our artisans in Egypt.

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