Smilodon Animal Figure

SKU: 1260081
Smilodon Animal Figure

Smilodon Animal Figure

SKU: 1260081
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With its impressive canine teeth measuring up to 20 cm, the smilodon holds the record as the most powerful big cat which ever existed. It has been nicknamed the "sabre toothed tiger".

Appearing around two and a half million years ago in America, this predator is believed to have lived in groups and hunted much like present-day lions. Smilodons could attack large animals such as bison or young mammoths, which they would probably have hunted in packs. The last remaining smilodons became extinct around 10,000 years ago.

The Papo dinosaur toy line features beatifully crafted dinosuars in a wide variety of colors, all hand painted and bursting with imagination . We carry a wide selection for hours of play.

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