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Mammoth Tooth Kershaw Pocket Knife

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  • Ivory Jacks
  • Kershaw pocket knife
  • Fossil mammoth tooth handle, single sided
  • 4" closed, 7" length open
  • Made in Seattle, Washington






Prehistoric woolly mammoth bone is anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 years old, and is found in Arctic regions where the tusks have been preserved in the permafrost. Rarely, mammoth ivory and teeth may have shades of blue or green, which is caused by the mineral Vivianite that surrounded and protected the mammoth material over time.

These massive fossils are unearthed many ways; modern day gold miners dredge up mineralized remains in the course of placer mining activities, spring floods wash tusks and bones from frozen river banks, bush pilots spot the huge tusks jutting out of the tundra, and Native subsistence hunters find mammoth remains incidentally in their daily task of survival.

Regardless of discovery, Ivory Jacks mammoth bone is mined in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

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