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Big Dipper Paperweight

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  • Dichroic glass
  • Volcanic glass
  • 3" diameter
  • Handmade in Seattle

The Big Dipper grouping of seven bright stars is part of the larger constellation Ursa Major. The Big Dipper figures prominiently in many Northern Hemisphere cultures where it goes by names like The Plough (England), King David's Chariot (Ireland), The Seven Gods (Mongolia), and the Fisher Star (Ojibway) .

Glass Eye Studios in Seattle, Washington handblows their astronomy paperweights using dichroic glass and ash from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Dichroic glass is an optical metallic oxide glass developed by NASA to protect sensitive equipment from cosmic radiation and to protect astronauts from harmful unflitered sunlight while in space. Extremely thin layers of metal are vacuum deposited on glass and the layers permit some light and color wavelengths to pass thorugh while deflecting others. This produces a chameleon effect in which the color of the glass changes with the amount of light being absorbed or reflected.

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