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Big Adventures With Dino Dave, Wyrex Gift Set

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  • T-Rex Backpack Plush With Adjustable Straps
  • 3.5" T-Rex Plush
  • 3.5" Triceratops Plush
  • 3.5" Pteradon Plush
  • Big Adventures With Dino Dave Paperback Book
  • David Temple Magnetic Finger Puppet

The Big Adventures With Dino Dave book is inspired by HMNS' Associate Curator of Paleontology, David Temple. David developed the museum's paleontology field program and the Paleo Prep Lab where you can observe volunteers clean and prep fossils for research and display. David's passion for paleontology and science education is irresistible to children who love his easy way of explaining complex concepts, inspiring them to want to learn more about dinosaurs, fossils, and all things science.

Our 32-page illustrated book follows a little girl who is visiting HMNS. When she sees Dino Dave at the Paleo Lab, she tells him she wants to see a dinosaur. Together they wander through the exhibit hall and meet four HMNS dinosaur "stars" - Wyrex the T-rex, Lane the Triceratops, Dipsy the Diplodocus, and Meg the Megalodon.

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