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Gina Melosi Extremelove Dione Pink Silver Pyrite Ring, Size 7

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Born in Texas and trained at London's Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, Gina Melosi is an award winning designer with shows in Paris, London, and Milan. She is inspired by the broken, overlooked, and abandoned, giving ready-made found objects new life in recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.

EXTREMELOVE is inspired by extremophiles present in Berkeley Pit, Montana. A former open pit copper mine, it is filled with acidic water laden with heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. to a depth of about 270 m with water that is heavily acidic, about the acidity of cola or lemon juice. As a result, the pit is laden with heavy metals and dangerous chemicals that leach from the rock, including copper, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, and sulfuric acid.

New fungal and bacterial species have been discovered in this environment. These extremophiles contain metabolites that show selective activity against certain cancer cells. Some of the species also ingest metals and are being investigated as an alternative means of cleaning the water.

EXTREMELOVE is inspired by the disease-fighting properties of these organisms and their adaptability to toxic environments. This CAD designed collection also touches on a recurrent theme in Gina Melosi's work, which is the idea of beauty arising from destruction and decay.

Recycled pink silver with partial borwn/black plate. Set with rough Montana pyrite.

Handmade in London.

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