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Horse Carving, Chrysanthemum

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Chrysanthemum stone
Permian age of the Paleozoic era, 248 to 290 million years ago

Chrysanthemum stone were formed many millions of years ago when a deposition of a thick strata of mud, rich in organic material, occurred at the bottom of a sea. When this organic material was on the sea floor, Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) and Strontium Sulphate (Celestite) began to precipitate in the organic material ooze. These sediments were continually buried by more of this organic material mud over long periods of time. As the material was compacted and pushed further down in the lower depths, the rising temperature and pressure allowed for spectacular radial growth of celestite formations that naturally formed as the flower patterns in the solidified limestone. The white "flower" on Chrysanthemum stone consists of Andalusite, Celestite, Feldspar or Calcite while the black base rock is Dolomite, Limestone.

This striking stone has the appearance of a fossilized or painted flower on a black rock but it is in fact entirely nature's own work. This stone has long been considered an ornamental stone for displaying chrysanthemum flower petal-like patterns in its contrasting matrix. A common practice for marketed specimens is to highlight the base stone matrix with a dark or black dye so the white crystal pattern is easily visible. This colorization process does not change or damage the crystal flower pattern or color on the stone.

It has long been held that Chrysanthemum Stone is one of harmony and change. They say that it enhances compatibility, is excellent for renewal of relationships, and helps to progress oneself toward unity and to help the owner progress on the path toward the perfect self. The Chrysanthemum stone inspires, enlivens and enkindles and it helps to eliminate jealousy, animosity, and resentment from ones character. Some say that this stone provides new opportunities of luck, once one has moved forward on a new path. The stone is often chosen as a gift for a person starting out on any new path, such as a relationship or career.

Chrysanthemum stone is also the official symbol of the Chinese imperial family. Called the "Stone of Wealth & Honor" by the Chinese people for centuries. The stone is often carved by artisans into incredibly complex shapes to depict trees of sprays of flowers, and is revered by many people in China.

Approximately 9"x 10"x 3"

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